Updates (January 2018)

It’s the start of another year and I’m taking three courses this semester:

  • Game Development
  • Game Programming
  • Digital Portfolio

It’s my last semester of my time at D.C.C.C.
as a Game Development major (Associate’s Degree)

I entered the Global Game Jam in Philly for 2018!


I joined a team with 10 members and we created a game jam game called Golden Thread based on the theme. It’s a 2 player cooperative networked game where one person plays in 1st person view with player two helping player one navigate a labyrinth with enemies such as stone sentinel and a minotaur boss! The game is based of the myth/legend of Labyrinths and the greek mythology (Daedalus). We are trying to implement voice and text chat via networking to play this game! I worked on the introduction/title screen with a Unity scripting plugin called Fungus.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Shim