Portfolio Reflection Piece

I learned a good amount during my time at Delaware County Community College. I took many courses that pertained to my major of Game Development to learn about how to make video games. I took classes that helped me to learn to think and write about Game Design and Theory. I made multimedia projects including filming and editing video with Premiere, using Photoshop to create graphics and logos, how to use Adobe Audition for sound editing, and learned how to use Blender 3D to make 3D models, render them, and how to do basic animation.

The work that I did was at an introductory level or so, but since it is a 2-year program, I was able to gain a solid foundation to get me going towards a new career in Video Game Development.

I learned how to manage projects and time better. I acquired new skills such as coding in C++ and software applications including Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, and Blender 3D. I also refreshed skills in things I already knew such as Adobe Photoshop. It was also a chance to develop soft skills such as communicating with team members and working with other people.

Since I have been away from school for several years since my last place of education, a lot has changed. Back then, there were not academic programs for what I wanted to do. I became a Game Development major because I initially wanted to go into a STEM field and took Chemistry I, which I did not do too well in the summer accelerated course I first took at DCCC. I did so-so on the second attempt, but it taught me that my studying skills needed some polish and after exploring my different options I was able to discover the Game Development program.

I also found that the two internships I did while in school were also quite helpful for the real-world video game development. The experience afforded me the opportunity to learn about my field outside the classroom environment.

This digital portfolio that I created from my work at DCCC is an exploration of different areas that I am interested in pursuing while in pursuit of a career in video game development.

I learned about different subject areas such as programming, history, and theory and practice of video game design and development.

My favorite class was Game Art and Animation. It taught me about 3D modeling and rendering as well as basic animation techniques.

I hope you enjoy the work I produced while in the 2-year program at DCCC for an Associate’s Degree in Game Development.