Updates (May 2017)

I finished my semester at school for Game Development (Associate’s Degree) with all straight A’s! That’s really good milestone for me, I enjoy learning about game development and worked really hard to get those grades.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Hackathon 2.0 finished a few weeks ago, and while our team, the “Blueberry Barracudas” project Paint the Museum didn’t win, we all had a good working experience on making the game. The game that did win was Vibes, which was worked on by a few friends of mine from the Philly Dev Night community members.

This summer, I’ve picked up a part time morning job, and I am going to intern for a small video game company in the local area! I can’t talk about it much due to NDA’s, but it should be  a great experience!

I’m also in process of thinking down the road past my current school for going into grad school for game development. My top pick is SCAD which is located in Savannah, GA.

That’s all for now.

PMA Hackathon 2.0 2017

So I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum on April 6, 2017 to check out the PMA Hackathon 2.0 contest. I formed up a team called the
“Blueberry Barracudas” and we are so doing this contest! Top prize is $2000! I’m really excited to make something great! To be continued…


#ResistJam is from March 3, 2017 – March 11, 2017. I have signed up to make a game. I have an inkling of an idea of what to make, but I’ve only just started learning how to make video games. Stay tuned for results.

Homework & Progress

I’m currently enrolled in four online courses at the local community college for Game Development Associates Degree Program – I’m taking Intro to C++, Game Design Development Theory, Multimedia and Graphics & Web Page Development and Design. So far it’s been pretty easy for me but I’m falling a little behind schedule with homework assignments and I hope to catch up soon! I feel like I am learning a lot though and I hope to continue learning more. It’s been pretty interesting so far.

Hello world!

The first program that anyone writes on any programming language is a “Hello world!” program. This is my first new blog post, in which I hope to chronicle my journey into becoming an indie video game developer.

-Steve Shim