Updates (December 2017)

Results are in for Object-Oriented C++, Game Art and Animation, and Audio and Video for Multimedia.

Straight A’s again! ūüôā

While I’m on Winter break, I plan to work on some older game jam games I started developing and finish them!

I look forward to sleeping more and relaxing this break.

Updates (October 2017)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted last, since May of this year a lot has happened. I started an internship at QuadraTron Games in Collingswood, NJ.

I started my Fall Semester at DCCC, taking 3 courses: Object-Oriented C++, Game Art and Animation, and Audio and Video for Multimedia.

I also participated in a couple Game Jams: the Philly Game Jam (our entry: Mysterious Storybook) and the Melody Jam (our entry: Evelyn) for Philly Game Mechanics.

I’ll try to update more often in the future. Thanks for reading.

Updates (May 2017)

I finished my semester at school for Game Development (Associate’s Degree) with all straight A’s! That’s really good milestone for me, I enjoy learning about game development and worked really hard to get those grades.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Hackathon 2.0 finished a few weeks ago, and while our team, the “Blueberry Barracudas” project¬†Paint the Museum didn’t win, we all had a good working experience on making the game. The game that did win was¬†Vibes, which was worked on by a few friends of mine from the Philly Dev Night community members.

This summer, I’ve picked up a part time morning job, and I am going to intern for a small video game company in the local area! I can’t talk about it much due to NDA’s, but it should be ¬†a great experience!

I’m also in process of thinking down the road past my current school for going into grad school for game development. My top pick is SCAD¬†which is located in Savannah, GA.

That’s all for now.

PMA Hackathon 2.0 2017

So I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum on April 6, 2017 to check out the PMA Hackathon 2.0 contest. I formed up a team called the
“Blueberry Barracudas” and we are so doing this contest! Top prize is $2000! I’m really excited to make something great! To be continued…


#ResistJam¬†is from March 3, 2017 – March 11, 2017. I have signed up to make a game. I have an inkling of an idea of what to make, but I’ve only just started learning how to make video games. Stay tuned for results.

Homework & Progress

I’m currently enrolled in four online courses at the local community college for Game Development Associates Degree Program – I’m taking Intro to C++, Game Design Development Theory, Multimedia and Graphics & Web Page Development and Design. So far it’s been pretty easy for me but I’m falling a little behind schedule with homework assignments and I hope to catch up soon! I feel like I am learning a lot though and I hope to continue learning more. It’s been pretty interesting so far.

Hello world!

The first program that anyone writes on any programming language is a “Hello world!” program. This is my first new blog post, in which I hope to chronicle my journey into becoming an indie video game developer.

-Steve Shim